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a real girl making real food

in her toy kitchen

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well,
if one has not dined well.” 
 Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own



I started the Real Girl Toy Kitchen blog several years ago to chronicle my efforts to prepare delicious, slow-cooked dishes in the tiny kitchen of my one-bedroom apartment. 


I was a full-time corporate executive with a very hectic schedule and way too busy to cook on a regular basis, but I was tired of my only meal options being second-rate greasy takeout or pricy fine dining. I longed for the delicious, slow-cooked dishes my mother used to make: dishes prepared to meet her own exacting standards of taste, quality and hygiene, dishes made with love by someone who cared deeply about what her family ate and how much we enjoyed it.


Eventually, my dormant passion for creating and sharing good food took over, and I finally made the big leap from corporate exec to artisanal food entrepreneur.


The steadily growing Real Girl Toy Kitchen product line aims to recreate the lovingly prepared home-cooked meal experience for people whose busy schedules and fast-paced lives do not preclude their longing to provide a quality dining experience for themselves, their families and their friends. 


Foods are made with premium ingredients and fresh, organic produce whenever possible (based on quality and availability). Meats are prime-grade, grass-fed and/or organic, and cooking oils (usually olive) are never re-used. 


The selections are not necessarily low-cal, low-fat or any other kind of “diet food” per se, but I firmly believe eating high-quality “real food” that nourishes your soul and senses, as well as your body, is part and parcel of a sustainably healthy and happy life.

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